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Go Zeaus soft wash approach is the best solution
when it comes to washing houses,

Low Pressure House Washing
(Soft wash)

We will achieve an amazing finish with no damage
to your home. 95% of all our house washing services are completed using
our low pressure wash (soft wash technique).

Go Zeaus house washing Brisbane

If you're planning to sell your home or just wanting to keep it looking clean and
fresh, Go Zeaus house washing have the solution for you.

Not only does house washing present a clean finish, but it reduces oxidisation of the painted surfaces.

Don't underestimate the importance of presentation and what it can do to improve and
add value to your property.

low pressure soft wash
We first rinse down the surfaces to remove the built up dirt and grime..
Then your house is sprayed with our cleaning solution that kills the mould and help to remove dirt.
We then use a soft brush, and by hand, we scrub
the surfaces to remove the most stubborn grime,
dirt, mould, spider webs, etc.
Finally we rinse off with low pressure water,
leaving surfaces clean and allowing to air dry.

House washing Brisbane - Go Zeaus

Before and after

removal of wasps mud nest

Removing wasp nests
You would be familiar with these little mud nests.
Generally found on brick or rendered walls, can be very hard to remove and if left to multiply, will make
your home look unsightly.

We will remove the build up of dirt, grime, spider webs, etc from your homes exterior that can make your house look old and faded, not to mention those mould spores, which can pose or lead to serious health risks to both you and your family.

"Whether you want to improve, maintain or prepare your house for sale".

Go Zeaus house washing will satisfy your needs.
The results we achieve are effective, fast and will increase the life span of your house


Don't put that needy house washing task off any longer.
Have Go Zeaus House Washing call around to your home and
receive your free no obligation quote.

"Call Go Zeaus House Washing today "
and talk to our friendly team about how
we can help with all your house washing needs.
phone: 1300 46 93 28 or Enquire Online


Go Zeaus House Washing
service areas?

We service all areas in and around Brisbane,
Queensland from the Sunshine Coast


 Go Zeaus House Washing Brisbane


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