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Real Estate Cleaning Brisbane
Zeaus Real Estate cleaning Services

It's all about perception

You only get one chance to have your property
make a good first impression".

" The more buyers you get looking at your property.
The better offers you will get".

Don’t underestimate
the importance of presentation
and what it can do to improve
and add value to your property!

Our Real Estate Service

Private Sellers: maximizing your properties sales
return starts with presenting a well maintained home.
Zeaus House Washing provides a wide range of
external cleaning services to prepare your property
ready for market and increase the chances for a
quick sale.

Real Estate Agencies/Property Managers :
incorporating external house washing to your clients
rental agreements are becoming more common
these days and will save you time and money.
Knowing that your tenants have vacated the premise
s leaving the exterior free of mould, dirt, spider webs
can give you piece of mind, whilst also knowing that
the property is ready for your next potential tenant.

Rental Property Owner: an exterior house
clean can help with the presentation and appeal of
your rental property. Having your gutters clean and
free of debris will reduce the risk of water damage or
blockage. With an external house wash and a high
pressure driveway clean
,you can have the mould
removed from your walls and driveway minimizing the
risk of injury and health hazards, creating a safe
and hygienic living environment.

Whether you’re a home owner wanting to sell
or rent out your property
or if you’re a body corporate manager
or real estate agent concerned about the appearance
and safety of your property.

Regular house washing and pressure cleaning
can bring many benefits, from enhancing the look of the
exterior to creating a safe and hygienic environment.
Zeaus House Washing offer real estate agencies
and property manages a real estate cleaning service.

Zeaus House Washing Services

"It's simple"
A few hundred dollars spent on presentation
can add thousands of dollars to your end sale price.
If a house is clean,it feels nice,
doesn't need work and eliminates the reason
buyers don't inspect a property.

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