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Transform your home with a roof clean
"With over 20 years experience in roof cleaning and roof repairs"

TERRACOTTA (clay tile roofs)
Go Zeaus roof cleaning Brisbane

Go Zeaus specialise in roof cleaning & repairs
Go with Brisbane's best roof maintenance solutions.

Go Zeaus will clean your roof at a fraction of the cost of having your roof painted.

Remove dirt and grime from your roof and improve the overall look of the
exterior of your house and add value to your property.

Avoid potential water damage and fire hazard to your home by removing
those unwanted leaves and sticks off your roof and out of your guttering
before storm season arrives. Debris can block your down pipes causing
water damage whilst posing a potential fire risk to your property in the dry season.

Reduce potential health hazards by having a roof clean from one of our
roof cleaning experts to remove that build-up of untreated moss, mould
and lichens improving the overall appearance of your home.

Why Go Zeaus Roof Cleaning?

I have been in the roofing industry for over 20 years and have all the
experience in installing (fixing and finishing) new roofs, too restorations
and repairs.

I have the knowledge and background of different roof aspects and
their materials and structure and can notify you if there are any
foreseeable or current problems or hazards that you may have.

We are confident being on a roof and very competent at cleaning and
maintaining a roof and I provide honest and quality external cleaning
and maintenance services at affordable rates .

Zeaus Roof Cleaning Brisbane


Roof cleaning preparation

Before the roof cleaning process can commence we need to inspect the roof for possible leaks or broken tiles and if any repairs need to be performed, it can be carried out at this stage.

Our safety inspection check list must be completed, signed and dated by one of our roof cleaners to insure that all safety procedures and equipment are in place.

Our safety plan insure that Go Zeaus house washing has taken the necessary safety control measures to risk management. In today's work environments, it's very important to protect workers and clients from injury and create a safe working environment. For more on our safety plans ...

If you have water tanks, we will need to disconnect them as you don't want dirt and sludge running into your tanks. Your down pipes most of the time run off onto the road, so we need to pump the waste water back to prevent it from going into the catchments.

Clean gutters

Removing of debris to prevent blocking of down pipes is also part of our roof cleaning service.Having your gutters clean and free of debris will reduce the rick of water damage or blockage.

Kill lichen and mould build up
Lichen predominately grows on terracotta tiles due to it's cooler surface, making them the perfect enviro. nment for growth.
Lichen is hard to remove even with high pressure cleaning equipment and often will leave footprints.

In order to remove lichen properly, we first need to spray your roof with our special cleaning solution that will kill the lichen. Once sprayed the lichen releases it's grip on the roof and can be easily removed with a high pressure clean, leaving your roof looking clean and well presented.

High pressure clean roof equipment.

Whirlaway rotary cleaners are used for most of the roof cleaning process as it is fast and efficient, so it saves time and uses less water per square metre.

Turbo wands are used for cleaning terracotta roof tiles because of the profile of the tile. These wands are or so used for rinsing off and clean walls and can get the hard to rearch spots that the whirlaway can't.

Rinse down

After the roof and gutters have been pressure cleaned, we finish off by rinsing any over spray from the roof leaving your property looking clean. Go Zeaus leave your home looking clean and rejuvenated.



Total satisfaction.
The job is done efficiently,
caring and thorough..




My husband was was pleasantly surprised after having our roof cleaned. He has already referred
Go Zeaus to friends and family.


Go Zeaus house roof cleaning Brisbane fully licenced and insured

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