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Whirlybird Ventilation
The cost effective solution for a hot and humid living environment.

Whirlybird installations

Cool down with no running costs
The installing of whirlybirds or roof ventilators have been around for some time
and over the years has proven to be a great method for reducing heat and humidity building up in your roof caused by the warm summer that Queensland experiences every year.

Save money and improve the environment
With utility bills rising at a higher rate every season and the costs to install and run
air- conditioning are getting expensive, it's little wonder why more and more
people are opting to install whirlybirds as an economical and environmentally
friendly way to cool their homes.

Lower energy usage
Reducing the heat and humidity from inside your roof will also reduce the running time
of your air-conditioner which in return works to reduce your utility bills. Whirlybird roof ventilators run 24/7, are cost free and help to reduce the maintenance costs on your air-conditioner, improving it's overall life span.

Zeaus install whirlybirds to many roof types from concrete and terracotta tiled
surfaces through to sheet metal roofs.

So no matter what style or colour roof it is that you have, Zeaus are able supply
or fix your whirlybird according to your roofs specifications.

Call Zeaus today!
And arrange an appointment for an obligation free quote and discuss how a
whirlybird roof ventilator can benefit your home.


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